Barg’e Sabz’e khodkafa company (Notiyaz) is a fertilizer manufacturing company, based in west Azerbaijan province. The company has started its operation at 1391. Notiyaz manufactures a wide variety of macro and micro fertilizers, according to the needs of the country’s soil, and our goal is to improve the agricultural products both in a qualitative and quantitative way. We endeavor to be helpful at employment, play our role in non-oil exports of our country, and reach to self-sufficiency with localizing the global modern technologies. Our company is capable of manufacturing plant growth hormones, different macro, micro, powder, and liquid fertilizers.

Barg’e Sabz’e Khodkafa company, is reliant on modern agriculture. Our main goal is to satisfy our customers. We have obtained ISO1401, ISO9001, ISO10002 under supervision. Also, due to our location (west Azerbaijan province) and the boundary conditions, we import the best kinds of greenhouse soil (peat moss, coco peat, perlite) from Turkey.

One of our future plans is manufacturing and importing the best kind of seeds and agricultural pesticides from the most modern countries in the field of agriculture. We are hopeful to provide efficient services to our customers in our field of proficiency.